Ibom Air and Dana Air have chosen to synergize and have come together to form an alliance to better serve the traveling public.

What to expect from the Ibom Air and Dana Air codeshare:

  • Seamless and enhanced service offerings for the traveling public.
  • A wider choice of destinations for both airlines and the traveling public.
  • Increased frequencies for the traveling public on our common routes.
  • One-stop shopping. A ticket can be purchased on one airline for a flight that is operated on the code share partner airline.

Dana Air and Ibom Air Codeshare FAQs:

Which airline will refund when there is a cancellation?

The airline that sold the ticket.

Can changes on tickets be made on ANY of the airlines?


Do both airlines have a synchronized online check-in system?

No, you will sign in on the operating airline on which you have a ticketed booking to check in.

With my Ibom Air ticket can I check-in at Dana Air counter / website?

If you have an Ibom Air ticket, flying Ibom Air, you will check in at Ibom Air, the operating airline/carrier.

If there is a failure in payment on any of the websites, which of the airlines do I speak to?

The airline through which you were trying to buy the ticket. They may need to verify details from their payment gateway.

Does this partnership mean I can fly Dana Air to Calabar?

You can fly a Dana Air ticket, operated by Ibom Air to CBQ if Dana Air does not operate flights to CBQ.

If I book Ibom Air's ticket on Dana's website, where do I check-in?

You will need to check in at Ibom Air because Ibom Air is the operating carrier/airline.

Is this just a partnership or merger?

It is an alliance. We are independent brands collaborating in business, providing the passenger a wider range of services with less stress/hassle.

If I book on Ibom Air's website and fly Dana Air, will I get Dana miles or Ibom Air points?

Further TBA. You will however get Dana Miles if you have a Dana FQTV account.

Can Dana miles be used to purchase or upgrade an Ibom Air ticket?

Not Yet. TBA.

Can a ticket purchased on Ibom Air be re-routed to a Dana Air destination?

Yes, it is possible, ticket will be reissued with applicable charges.

Can I use my Ibom Air ticket on Dana Air?

Yes but must first of all be reissued to read Dana Air as the operating carrier/airline.

If I miss my Dana Air flight to Enugu, can I reschedule at Ibom Air counter and fly with Ibom Air?

Yes but must first of all be reissued to read Ibom Air as the operating carrier/airline.