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Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, is a beautiful city which sits high on a hill overlooking the Calabar River and is rich with culture & history.

The city features several historical and cultural landmarks. The older sections, including Henshaw Town, Duke Town and the waterfront area, are filled with British colonial architecture. Dating from the 19th century, Duke Town Church is widely regarded as one of the oldest churches in Nigeria. To explore Calabar’s history, visit the excellent National Museum filled with numerous original historical documents and artifacts.

Calabar is a major center of tourism in Nigeria. The city hosts the spectacular Calabar Carnival, popularly known as the largest street cultural festival in Africa. The festival, held annually in December, features a variety of events including a Christmas Village, the traditional Ekpe Festival, musical & dance performances, fashion shows, boat regattas, football matches and more. The Calabar Carnival is a must see attraction for all tourists and visitors at this time of the year.

Other popular attractions located within driving distance include:

The famed Obudu Ranch Resort offers a mix of adventure & serenity. Enjoy fresh mountain air & stunning views, plus unique experiences including cable cars, the splendid grotto, canopy walkway and the Becheeve Nature Reserve filled with rare species of plants, trees & animals.

The impressive wildlife reserve located at the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch & Rehabilitation Center. The Drill Ranch is home to a colony of rescued highly endangered drill monkeys and chimpanzees, as well as a wilderness retreat with well-maintained cabin accommodation, primate encounters & mountain hiking opportunities.

The Cross River National Park, identified as a biodiversity hot spot, features one of the oldest rain forests in Africa & the spectacular Kwa Waterfalls.

The Tinapa Business And Leisure Resort featuring facilities for retail & wholesale activities, as well as a variety of amusement & entertainment options.

The area around Calabar is “widely believed” to contain the world’s largest diversity of butterflies.


  • Calabar Carnival
  • Beautiful Natural Landscapes
  • Great Food & Entertainment

Another Beautiful Tourist City Calabar Nigeria


Welcome To Carnival Calabar 2019 With The Theme - Humanity

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