Terms and Conditions

1. All passengers, adult, children and infants, must present a valid photo identification at sales, check-in and boarding gates. Parents traveling infants
without photo identification should show the birth certificate that can serve as a form of identification.

2. Physical check-in begins 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure and closes 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure if you have check-in luggage.

3. Ibom Air allows passengers to check in up to 30kg of luggage on Premium Economy Class and 20kg of luggage on Economy Class. Baggage in excess of the free baggage weight is subject to a fee to be paid at the airport before check-in.

4. Infants must be no younger than 7 days old before their first flight. The infant is entitled to free baggage allowance of 20kg irrespective of fare class.

5. Each passenger, adult or children can carry only one piece of hand luggage weighing not more than 7kg and size not exceeding 45×33×20cm or must fit into the Ibom Air hand baggage gauge, in addition to carry-on purse or handbag or Laptop.

6. If choosing the Book On Hold payment option, a Book On Hold Transaction fee of (between NGN100 – NGN1000) per passenger is applicable. Exact amount depends on the time of reservation in relation to travel date.

7. All cancellations, modifications and no-show charges will be as per the fare conditions for the selected fare class.

8. All voluntary refund request on refundable tickets shall attract a 25% surcharge. Refund requests following a No Show shall attract a 50% surcharge. Some fares (such as Promo and Economy Saver ++ fares) are non-refundable and this is stated in the various fare rules.

9.a) Passengers with medical conditions are expected to inform the airline about their intention to travel no later than 48 hours, with all the necessary valid medical fit to fly documentation. On a case-by-case basis, Ibom Air may require that the passenger with medical conditions be accompanied by qualified medical personnel. Ibom Air reserves the right to accept or deny carriage.
b) Where the passenger has been accepted for carriage by Ibom Air, a medical “fit to fly certificate” must be presented at check-in and kept in readiness for the cabin crew at boarding. The passenger must arrive the airport not later than 2 hours to scheduled time of departure.
c) Ibom Air does not accept stretcher cases for travel.

10. Pregnant women are good to travel up to 27 weeks of pregnancy. A pregnant woman with a pregnancy stage at 28 weeks and up to 34 weeks must provide doctor’s (fit-to-fly) certificate declaring her fit to travel. A woman with pregnancy stage over 34 weeks shall not be allowed to fly on Ibom Air. All pregnant passengers must sign an Ibom Air indemnity before travel.

11. Passengers requiring assistance due to disability, obesity, reduced mobility or for any reason, must notify Ibom Air at the time of booking their travel on Ibom Air.

Nevertheless, all assistance will be rendered to accommodate such customers on the day of travel where there was no prior notice to Ibom Air and such will be without disruption to the on-time departure of all Ibom Air flights. We may not be able to assist you at very short notice or due to unavailable capacity.

a) Ensure to notify Ibom Air if you will be bringing any support items on board so that you may be assigned a suitable seat in advance (walking frame, walking stick, crutches).
on board so that you may be assigned a suitable seat in advance.
b) Endeavour to arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure for check in to ensure there is enough time for us to properly assist you.
c) Note: our Cabin Crew are unable to assist with any personal needs
while on board the aircraft, such as assistance with feeding or using the toilet.

It is important to note that airport facilities & services vary from one location to another so be sure to also check with your departure and arrival airports to find out if their facilities meet your requirements.

Ibom Air reserves the right to refuse carriage to a passenger where a safety hazard to the person/persons and property can neither be reduced nor eliminated.

12. Passengers traveling with Firearms shall make this known to the check-in counter no later than 2 hours to scheduled time of departure to enable the proper processing of the firearm for carriage with the necessary regulatory authorities.

13. Baby buggies, car seats and wheelchairs accompanying the user/passenger are carried free of charge.

14. The airline shall be notified of Unaccompanied Minor travelling on Ibom Air preferably 48 hours to scheduled time of departure. However, the airline may still accept an unaccompanied minor on the day of travel subject to availability of unaccompanied minor seats and no later than 2 hours to scheduled time of departure, where all necessary documentation are properly and correctly completed and made available to Ibom Air.

15. Each passenger checking in baggage exceeding 10 pieces shall notify Ibom Air 48 hours before scheduled time of departure to confirm space availability for the additional bags. This is subject to change at peak seasonal travel periods e.g. Christmas.

16. Passengers are expected to declare any items of particular interest, concern or valuables contained in their checked baggage at the airport check-in counters, to the responsible Ibom Air staff before the baggage is handed in to Ibom Air for acceptance.

17. Passengers travelling with golf bags are allowed an additional 15kgs only as free baggage allowance.

18. For the full terms and conditions please read Ibom Air’s Conditions of Carriage.


***This document is subject to periodic review. Last reviewed – 30th September 2021