What is Ibom Flyer?

Ibom Flyer is Ibom Air’s Customer Loyalty Program designed to reward frequent flyers of Ibom Air. Membership of the program provides access to exclusive benefits designed to make travel more rewarding and enjoyable for our customers.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you must have flown Ibom Air once.

How do I enroll on Ibom Flyer?

You have an option of enrolling on the Ibom Air website or contact us at Ibomflyersupport@ibomair.com.


What are Gold Stars?

Gold Stars are the reward currency earned as a member of Ibom Flyer. They are earned through qualifying flight miles (tier Gold Stars) and bonus Gold Stars on Ibom Air.

What are Tier Gold Stars?

Tier Gold Stars are earned on every flight. They accumulate as you fly to help you move up the membership tiers. The number of Gold Stars earned during a qualification period will determine the membership tier you belong to: Green Flyer, Orange Flyer or Top Flyer.

What are Bonus Gold Stars?

Bonus Gold Stars are earned as extra rewards over and above Tier Gold Stars, either for frequent travel or as members progress higher along the tier levels.

How many Tier Gold Stars do I need to move to the next membership level?

Green Flyer – One flight!
Orange Flyer – 25,000 Gold Stars
Top Flyer – 40,000 Gold Stars


How are Gold Stars calculated?

Gold Stars are calculated taking into account the class of fare you have paid. See How To Earn Gold Stars for more information.

When will gold stars be credited to my account?

Gold stars are credited to your account within 24 hours of a flight on Ibom Air.

Can I use my bonus Gold Stars to move up to the next tier?

No, bonus Gold Stars are available for members to access rewards.

Can I earn gold stars if the name on my Ibom Flyer account does not match the name on my ticket?

No, the names must correspond.

How long are Gold Stars valid for?

Gold stars remain valid for 2 years from when earned for members to access rewards. However, Tier gold stars must be earned in 1 year (for cumulative flights from January 1st to December 31st).


How many gold stars do I require to access reward tickets?

15000 gold stars – One-way domestic economy class ticket
25000 gold stars – One-way domestic premium economy class ticket

Can I use my Gold Stars to purchase tickets for another person?

Yes, members can access rewards for the benefit of others.

How do I claim missing gold stars from Ibom Air?

Kindly send an email to ibomflyersupport@ibomair.com.


Once I have joined Ibom Flyer, will I receive a membership card?

Every member of Ibom Flyer program is entitled to get a membership card.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Contact the loyalty support team to report the stolen or lost card.

Can I upgrade to another cabin using my earned Gold Stars?

Yes, you can, provided you have the required Gold Stars.

Will I receive a higher baggage allowance if I upgrade?

If you upgrade, you will receive the excess baggage allowance applicable to the class of your upgrade.

Who do I contact if I have questions to ask?

Send an email to ibomflyersupport@ibomair.com. A member of our team will assist you as soon as possible.

When can I add a membership number to a booking?

Membership number can be added at the point of ticket purchase or at the counter on the day of travel.

Can I still earn Gold Stars if my flight date has passed?

Yes. It is possible to claim Gold Stars for flights taken in the past 4 calendar months but only using the online Missing Gold Stars form.

Why do I get the error message that my membership number does not belong to me?

The name used to make the booking must be spelt and arranged same way as was used during Ibom Flyer registration.

Can I use my Ibom Flyer card as a means of identification for travel?

No. Only a valid means of identification is accepted for travel.