6 Ways You Can Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Flight

Your day of excitement, traveling via your loving flight, really turns to a miserable one if you accidently missed your flight. May be you planned to visit tropical Nigeria via Ibom air or Uyo flights, or attend your friend’s wedding ceremony, the moment you realize your flight took off really disappoint you.

Not anymore. Here, in this article, we’ll tell you the most important 6 ways you can make sure you don’t miss your flight.




It’s really hard to manage all your flight schedules especially when you’re a tourist or speaker invited in various countries because those flights have few days’ gap between them. In this case, nothing goes worse than being reminded at the 11th hour about your today’s flight. Always be focused on your departure time.

The downside of advanced flight booking is it has the tendency to change the schedule. This can be due to any sudden weather change or any technical fault. When you do the advanced booking, be sure to have a periodic check on the details repeatedly to see if there are any change of plan.



Imagine you arrived a few minutes before the flights departure & remembered you missed your ticket at your home desk. How does it feel? Standing in the middle of nowhere at the 11th hour & seeing your plane flying by. If you can’t get to airport early, there is a possibility you’ll miss your flight.

But if you arrive early & still missed something, there’s a time cushion for you to get back at home & return to airport. People are found complaining with this most common mistake. Make sure you don’t end up being just like one of them.



Congratulations, you booked your flight to your destination. But did you really check its timings? Probably you’d be having a lot going on in your mind throughout that very day. You need to have sufficient sleep, have a healthy breakfast to keep to active during the whole journey, cross-check your packing & making sure your hotel is booked the other side etc.

But if the flight schedule comes between the routine because of your careless flight selection, either you’re going to miss your hotel reservation or miss your flight. Always book the flight with least fare but most importantly with flexible schedule. If you get puzzled with higher fares & flexible timings, it’s preferred to choose the flexible time over higher fares.



Time taken by security checkpoints is also one the major pain points for travelers. But what they ignore is that these officers are just doing their duties. It is we who complicate things for them.

Here’s how you can quickly get through the security checkpoint. Avoid wearing metallic belongings, hats/caps or scarves, use casual footwear without laces for quick slip on & slip off, keep laptop in a separate portion to easily remove it & put it back inside, pack your luggage with stuff really needed to use or check at the airport being above all.

Be polite & gentle while talking to them. It’s the most important part of all. If you’re late while officer checks your luggage, if you seem impatient to him, he might get suspicious of you & take you for interrogation, thinking you’re up to something.

If you’re from U.S, the best way to get pass the security check fast is to have a pre-check by TSA. They do the basic checking in advance & give you clean slate on it. So based on that the security checkpoint will skip the basic checking & jump directly to other criteria. Yes, the TSA pre-checking is a bit expensive but it’s worth buying you a lot of time.



You have sufficient time to leave for your flight & guessing you can pack your stuff later? don’t ever do this. You’re not aware right now but you’ll puzzle at the last moments if you missed any stuff or not.

It’s one of the most painful situation for a traveler when he’s/she’s getting late as well as confused just on the vertex of the doorstep. Always plan & pack your stuff one night before traveling so that you’re mentally relaxed from this tedious work & can relax before the flight.



It’s no doubt situation still goes out of control even if you did everything correctly. May be it isn’t a good day for you. No worries, you can ask politely for help from residing airport staff. Yes, it’s their duty to help you out so it’s necessary to remain calm and polite to ensure speedy service.

Your polite & calm behavior can solve many problems. If you still arrived late at airport & waiting in a que, ask for a favor from your fellow passenger politely & he might give you a chance to stand in front of him. Or you can also inform security checkpoint officer about your problem & they might speed up your checking process.




So if you really sort out all the issues at start with planning, you won’t face a slight trouble at the end. But if done haphazardly, it’ll put you in a lot of mental stress, exhaustion, confusion & always wondering you missed any important stuff back at home.

And this all will sum up to one thing only, have your flight missed. So these are the foolproof 6 ways you can make sure you don’t miss your flight. Get a hand of these pro tips to stay organized & apart from the usual amass traveler’s routine.